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Sephora Squad Is Here!
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Sephora Squad Is Here!

The most authentic personalities, inspiring content creator and trendsetters. These beauties will share their passion for beauty and give you their favorite tips and tricks in makeup, skincare and fragrances. Stay tuned for exciting content and join us in this exotic journey to beauty wonderland.

How To Maintain Your Pastel Hair Perfection
Trends - Haircare

How To Maintain Your Pastel Hair Perfection

Our love of all things unicorn is still going strong, especially when it comes to hair. Whether you want to sample multi-colored shades like last season’s mermaid hair trend or rock a single vibrant shade, pastel hair is set to be a big hit at festivals, parties, and picnics alike this summer. As much as we love the contrasting hues, caring for it can prove a nightmare, so here’s our go-to guide for maintaining pastel perfection.

The Beach Babe Wave
Trends - Haircare

The Beach Babe Wave

Whether you are heading to the beach, or want to perfect that bedhead, tousled effect for everyday life, this trend is one of the easiest to master this summer. For once, we’re not aiming for perfection - you want to look like you have been swimming in the surf all day, which means your hair should fall in relaxed, loose waves, rather than tight, perfect pin curls.

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